The Portuguese coach has a very clear idea of what he wants from his team. He has already managed to bring out the best from the players, who have been in the starting lineup for a long time.
The main goal of the team is to win the Champions League, and the Portuguese knows that it is extremely difficult to do it without the help of a few stars.
So, the team has to play with the maximum of stars, because the competition is so high. The main task of the Portuguese is to find the right combination of players, which will allow him to achieve his goals.
Jose Mourinho’s tactics of the game
The coach of Manchester United has a clear idea about what he needs from his players. He knows that the team needs to play in a certain way, because it is very difficult to win all the trophies in the ChampionsLeague.
This is why Mourinho has chosen the following tactics for the game of the United:
1. Individual skills of the players. The Portuguese knows very well that the best way to achieve the desired result is to make the most of each single player.
2. Individual mistakes of the opponent. The team has a good understanding with the opponent, so they are able to make mistakes.
3. Lack of motivation of the opponents. The fans and the media are always ready to criticize the team for not performing well, but the players are not in a good mood.
4. Lackadaisical attitude of the coach. Mourinho wants to give his players a rest, because they are tired of the long and difficult tournament distance.
5. Lack in the desire of the leaders to fight for the gold medals.
All these factors will help the team to win gold medals in the future.
Manchester United’sthe main goal for the team
The team of Jose Mourinho is very motivated, and they want to win everything in the long tournament distance, because this is their goal.
They have already managed this, because in the previous season they managed to win both the Europa League and the Champions Cup.
However, the Portuguese coach is aware that this is not enough for him, and he is trying to achieve even more.
In the current season, the United have a good chance to achieve this, since they have a number of players who are able not only to help the coach in the game, but also to make a positive contribution to the team’scapacity.
Of course, the main goal is the Champions league, but it is also important for the club to win at the Europa league, as well as the domestic cup.
What the team will do if they lose to Liverpool
The season is already over, and it is already clear that the Red devils will not be able to win any trophies.
It is easy to understand why the team of Mourinho is not able to achieve their goals. The Liverpool players are the main favorites of the tournament, and their main advantage is their experience.
If the team loses to them in the first round, it will be extremely difficult for them to win against the Red Devils.
Moreover, the Anfield is a very difficult place to play, because there is a high level of competition in the team.
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Main results of the season of the Premier League
The current season of English football has already shown that the main favorite of the championship is Manchester United.
As for the rivals of the Red Devil, it is impossible to name them. However, the most likely contenders are:
* Liverpool;
* Chelsea;
* Arsenal.
These teams have already shown a good game in the season, and now it is the time to fight against them.

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Team’sprivate livescore
The Manchester United is one of the main contenders for the title of the best team in the world.
For this, the club needs to win in the domestic championship, as they have already won the Europa Cup. However they have also won the Premier league.
Thus, the Red team has already won gold medals, which is a great achievement.
Also, the players of the club are very motivated. They want to achieve great things in the next season, because now they have the opportunity to win not only the gold, but to win also the silver.
How the team can achieve this?
The players of Manchester united have a clear understanding with each other, and this is the main reason for their success.
One of the most important factors of the success of the Manchester team is the teamwork of the whole team. This is what the coach of the Old Trafford has already understood, and what he is striving to achieve.
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