Costa to Barcelona?

The transfer window is coming to an end, and the teams have to make a decision on the next one. The most obvious choice is to make an exchange. The main contenders for the new acquisition are:
* Barcelona;
* Real;
The first two clubs are quite active in the transfer market, so it is difficult to say who will be the main contenders in the next season. However, the third club is a real contender for the title. The team has a good lineup, and it can play in the Champions League, too.

In the last season, the Catalans managed to finish in the top 4, and they will have a good chance to win the title again. The club has a great opportunity to strengthen the lineup, which is very important for the success of the team.
Barcelona’s Transfer Strategy
Barça has a rather simple transfer policy. The squad is not very rich, so the club has to spend money on the acquisition of the necessary players. The current season was not successful for the team, as it lost to Real Madrid in the final.
However, the club is not in a bad shape, as the previous season it finished in the first position. The new season promises to be more successful for them. The players have to improve their game, and this can be done in the new season.
Of course, the main priority is to win in the domestic championship. The Catalans are very confident in the international arena, too, as they managed to win gold medals in the World Cup.
In addition, the team has the following players who are able to strengthen it:
1. Alba;
2. Gomis;
3. Roma;
4. Lluis.
These players can be bought for a relatively low price. The price of each of them is around 100 million euros.
Next Steps for the Club
In order to achieve the desired result, the current season has to be repeated. The next season will be very important, as Barcelona will have to fight for the champion title.
This is especially important for Lopetegui, as he will have more time to strengthen his team. The coach has a lot of options, so he can make the necessary changes in the lineup.
Real Madrid’ Transfer Strategy
Real is a club that has a fairly simple transfer strategy. The previous season was quite successful for it, as Real finished in first position in the La Liga.
It is worth noting that the club did not make any transfers during the offseason. The only thing that Real did was to buy a goalkeeper from Valencia. The cost of the acquisition was 100 million.
After the summer break, the situation in the team is not so good, as many players are still not in shape. This is a clear sign that the team needs to make some changes.
Among the main candidates for the acquisition are the following:
· Alonso;
· “Betis”;
Many people think that “Valencias” is a good choice, as this club is quite active at the transfer window. The acquisition of this player can be made for 100 million, which can be used for the strengthening of the squad.
“Betisl” has a similar situation. The player is quite expensive, but the cost of his acquisition is quite low. The problem is that the price of the player is not that high, so this club can buy him for 100 to 200 million. The transfer of “Alonso” can be considered as a good option for Real.
If the club does not make a good selection, it can lose a lot. The situation in “Real” was quite bad during the last year, as several players left the team and it was not able to compete in the championship.
Who Will Be the New Coach of the Club?
The new season of ‘Real’ promises to become more interesting for the fans. The coaching position is not a simple decision, as Jose Mourinho has already left the club. The appointment of the Portuguese coach is a very good opportunity for the club to strengthen its lineup. The following candidates are worth mentioning:
• Javier Tebas;
• Cristiano Ronaldo;
The Portuguese coach has already managed to strengthen “Barcelona,” so it can be said that he can do the same for “”Real“.
Despite the fact that the appointment of Mourinho is a bad omen for the upcoming season, it is still possible that the Portuguese will be able to help the team in the future.
Main Intrigues of the Season
The main intrigue of the season is the fight for a place in the Europa League zone. The first round of the Europa Cup showed that ‘Barcelona “is not as strong as it was expected. The Catalan club was defeated by “Anderlecht, but it is not known whether the defeat was a result of the lack of motivation of the players or the fact the team was not playing in the best condition.

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